Thursday, May 9, 2013

                         My Heart-Christ's Home Part 2

Now the next room you show Jesus is your study or office room. This room is not a very large room, but it is in a sense the control room of the house. But you start becoming nervous as He starts spotting books of fiction, and books and magazines that true Christians shouldn't be reading. And there were pictures on the walls-the imaginations and thoughts of my mind-some these were quite shameful.  Then you start feeling ashamed of all the books and pictures that He is seeing.  And you ask Him, 'Can you help me in changing this room and taking away the ungodly books and pictures?'  And He says, Why certainly! That's why I'm here! Why don't we throw these books away, and replace them with the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy and other spiritual books! And instead of these pictures, let's replace them with a picture of Me on the wall of your mind. And you say, 'Thank you for helping me get this stuff out of here!'
    Whenever we wonder whether Jesus approves of the things we have in our home or the things that we do, just think this: 'Would Jesus like to participate in the things that I am doing?  Or if you're reading a book, would Jesus like to read with you, or would you feel ashamed of reading that certain book?  If you feel ashamed of what you're doing in the presence of Jesus, then stop doing it!  But if you feel that Jesus would be pleased with what you're doing, then go ahead and do it!  But when we think about it, Jesus is always with us!  We can never hide from Him, so in reality, whatever we do, we are always doing it in His Presence!
   So when we realize that there are things in our minds that need changing,
    1. We must first be convicted that something is wrong with us and we need changing.
    2. Then we must give Jesus permission to renovate our heart, because when you invite Jesus into your heart and you become a Christian, it is like inviting a guest into your home.  A guest does not have a right to change the home at all, so you must give Him permission to change and clean up the rooms of your heart!
    So when we see that the 'study' of our heart has some impure stuff in it, and we desire to get rid of it, then the next step, is to give Jesus permission to change it, and renovate it!  So let's give Jesus charge over the home of our heart!